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Hydro Scrub provides pressure washing services to Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton Counties, including the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Whitehall, PA.

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Epoxy Floors

Q… Why should I consider an epoxy floor for my garage floor?

A… Unprotected concrete floors will wear, be stained by oils and fluids, and be damaged by the corrosive effects of snow and ice melting chemicals such as rock salt. Epoxy coatings protect concrete from wear because the coating is actually harder and more durable than the concrete itself. Typically, the epoxy coating is so dense that oils and fluids cannot penetrate its surface to soak in and cause staining.


Q… What do I need to consider when having an epoxy floor installed?


A… The following should be taken into consideration in our opinion:

  • Is my location suitable for installation of the floor? You MUST have no water issues in the area of installation that come UP through the floor. If the floor has water coming up through it, it will lift the epoxy coating from the floor. No ifs, no ands and no buts.
  • Do you want a rough textured floor or smooth texture floor. If smooth, will the floor have anti-slip materials installed?
  • Plan on having the floor installed middle to later summer. The ground temperature should be no less than 55-60 degrees for the installation of a floor


Q… Why do I need a power wash contractor to prep my floor before coating it?


A… Preparation is absolutely crucial to the proper installation of any finish material... including epoxy floor coatings. If the preparation is not done right, the epoxy paint will not be able to penetrate and bond to concrete throughout the floor, but especially in areas where oil or fluid contamination has occurred. The resulting finish will most likely fail, in a short period of time, by "lifting" or otherwise not adhering to the floor. Removal of a failed epoxy floor coating is not an easy nor inexpensive task. It is better to do it right the first time.


Q… Are epoxy floors slippery when wet?


A... Yes and no. The smoother the finish of the floor, the more slippery it will be when wet. "Unflecked" floors can be quite slippery when wet. "Flecked" floors provide a low-slip to non-slip surface. Flecking is the process of adding “small bits and pieces off dried material or other traction material” to a floor during installation, thereby providing a non-slip surface. Typical flecking agents are sand or colored vinyl chips.


Q…Do I have to remove the items from my garage to get the floor coated?

A… Yes. Your garage cannot be properly prepped nor coated if items remain on the garage floor. All items on the floor must be removed from the garage. Hanging items may remain.


Q… Can I buy an epoxy coating kit at Home Depot or other online store and why should I use your services?

A… Our answer is... Hydro Scrub can do the floor preparation correctly, can you? We can generate 200+ degree hot water at 3500 psi to break down grease and oils and ensure their removal, can you? We have contractor grade acids to properly etch the floor, not some acids supplied in a consumer designed kit which are diluted to be safer for use and to minimize lawsuits.


The bottom line is we have the equipment and know how to prep your floor correctly. If you elect to do your own preparation and the preparation is not correct, all other efforts after preparation will be in vain. The floor coating will not adhere properly and the task of removing a failed epoxy coating is truly a burdensome and expensive task. If you wish to save money, have Hydro Scrub do the preparation work, and you apply the epoxy coating… and the big box stores do sell products which work quite well.


Q… What will sunlight do to an epoxy coated floor?

A... Ultraviolet radiation (a component of sunlight) will cause most paints and coatings to blush or fade to some degree. If you are one to leave your garage doors open all the time and the sun shines on the floor, you are best served utilizing an epoxy coating with an ultraviolet inhibitor that reduces the damaging effects of sunlight to the finish. Notice we said reduces, not eliminates the damage of sunlight. It is nearly impossible to find a product which will not be affected, to some degree, by ultraviolet radiation. A clear epoxy coating, which is often used by some to topcoat their floors, will be adversely effected by the sunlight in short order. Typically, the clear top coating will yellow with sun exposure.


Q…What will hot tires do to an epoxy coated floor?

A… Tires heated from normal driving will not affect a good epoxy floor coating. Cheap epoxy floor coatings and garage floor paints can experience hot tire pickup... the finish lifting from the floor. Deliberate spinning of tires on a finished surface can also damage the surface.


Q… How long will an epoxy coated floor last?

A… A properly prepped and applied epoxy floor finish should easily last 10 plus years under normal residential circumstances. The owner of Hydro Scrub has an epoxy coated garage floor which has been in use since 2005 and that floor is routinely subjected to spills and the dragging of non-wheeled equipment across the floor. The floor is maintained with an annual cleaning and it still looks great after each cleaning. There are some surface scratches in the floor from dragging heavy items across the floor, but it is in great shape.


Q... I would like to apply my own epoxy finish material, will you prep the floor for me?

A… Yes. Hydro Scrub will gladly work with you on such projects.


If you have any specific concerns, please feel free to contact us to discuss your epoxy floor installation project. 

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