Epoxy floor installation
Epoxy floor installation

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Hydro Scrub provides pressure washing services to Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton Counties, including the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Whitehall, PA.

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Masonry Efflorescene Removal & Waterproofing

Example of secondary efflorescence on brick structure. Secondary efflorescence on brick

If you have white crystalline or white powdery material on your cement based structures, which typically shows when the surface is dry, but may go away when damp or wet, you have efflorescence issues. 


Efflorescence problems come in two forms....primary or secondary.  Primary is a powdery material which can sometimes be brushed off with your hand or a stiff bristled brush or may even pass with time, while secondary is a hard, crystalline material.  Both indicate that water is moving through the masonry structure and forcing "salts" to the surface, which then dry on the surface.  Efflorescence is generally an indicator of water infiltration problems. 


Hydro Scrub provides can remove the efflorescence and then waterproof the surface to prevent return of the efflorescence.  Cessation of water moving through the masonry is mandatory to stop this problem. 


Please browse our completed projects Miscellaneous Photo Gallery to find pictures related to efflorescence removal and exterior masonry waterproofing.

Epoxy Floor Installation

Epoxy floors are wonderful for appearance and ease of care.  If you have a desire for an epoxy floor a workshop or garage, Hydro Scrub can either prep the floor so that you can apply the epoxy coating yourself (if you are so inclined) or we can provide a complete turn-key service for the installation of the floor. 


The cons to an epoxy floor are that the floors CAN be slippery when wet (there are methods to improve grip) and the installation process can be inconvenient since personal items must be removed from the work area and stored elsewhere for a minimum of 3 days up to a week... time is dependent on the weight of the item being placed back on the floor and the type of expoxy used.


Floors can be installed with a simple color coat, a color coat with "flecking" added, multiple color coats or color coat and a clear topcoat.  It all depends on the desired finish you seek.   Thoughtful consideration of "how" the floor will be used and the type of traffic it is to receive is very important!


Hydro Scrub performs epoxy floor installation only during the later summer months to ensure the temperature of the concrete is at least 55-60 degrees.  Please keep this in mind if you are planning an epoxy floor installation. 


Please browse our completed projects Miscellaneous Photo Gallery to find pictures related to epoxy floor installtion.

Miscellaneous Item Washing

No parrots were harmed during power washing!

Hydro Scrub is often asked to wash miscellaneous items by our customers.  Such washing requests occur once we are on-site power washing other objects for a customer.  Some miscellaneous items we have washed over the years include:


  • heavy equipment (i.e., backhoes, excavators, logging equipment, etc.)
  • yard equipment (i.e, lawn mowers, thatchers, etc.)
  • basket ball structures
  • kitchen equipment
  • mesh fences
  • patio furniture
  • parrots (hey, if you aren't washing parrots, your business hasn't "arrived"!  See, we aren't always serious!, except for the fact that if you use mention "green bird" when contacting us, we will give you $20 off your project.)


The bottom line is IF IT CAN GET WET, WE CAN WASH IT!

Please browse our completed projects Miscellaneous Photo Gallery to find pictures related to power washing miscellaneous items, including parrots!

Hydro Scrub welcomes the opportunity to help you wish your miscelleaneous cleaning or project tasks as well with the other services we offer.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

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